Facilities Management

Achieve super performance for teams, assets and resources using the Maintenance and Inspection apps

  • ​Equip your team with a platform to improve efficiency and align services

  • Manage assets and equipment to ensure everything is in top order and up to date

  • Ensure Health & Safety are in date with the inspection app

  • Predict maintenance issues and maximise your revenue

  • Provide an efficient, quality service to benefit you and your customers

Take the full platform or just use components alongside your other systems. We’ve got experience managing large implementations from import of data to integration with a myriad of systems
Any time, any place, anywhere
As you’d expect, Rent Chief goes where you go. Our modern, cloud-based platform is fast and secure wherever you are.

Simply log in to manage your account. Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Whatever you use, we’re with you when you need us.

Efficient communication in a single platform

Efficient communication

Good communication is key to managing properties and tenants.
On average it takes 8 calls to arrange one call out, it’s shocking and what a waste of your time! Here you can streamline them all into one place saving you hours in wasted time chasing for updates. 
A simple Chat function, automated email & sharing of documents
Get the full details of all jobs from the start
Photo & video supported reporting for tenants
Easily assign them to the required trades/professionals to resolve quickly

Smart Rental Management

When managing property, mistakes can be very costly. Rent Chief helps with reminders to alert you of when key stage dates are up and coming for each property. We monitor the dates allowing you to stay in control of everything else.
Automate important tasks and reminders freeing more time for other priorities and things you want to do

Regulation reminders for EPC, Gas, Electrical and HMO Licence

Book in experts to perform relevant checks

Tenancy expiry reminders and rent review time frames

Financial reminders for mortgage rate expiry and insurance renewals

Go Paperless

We know there is a lot of documentation when renting properties and keeping it all together can be painful

With Rent Chief there is no more printing and filing of all the documents, just scan and store it and forget it

We can store everything in one place which can then be shared with tenants for confirmation of receipt
Contracts, Receipts, Certificates, Inventories, Photos, etc...

Your Financial Accounts

Improve your cash flow and profitability
Track income and expense records

Link to the HMRC categories for future reporting

View transactions against properties, contacts and users

View account information for tenants and trade

Full or partial payments accepted

Tenant Portal

Give access to your tenants to the platform. From here you can share key documents with them remotely and keep them up to date with property related information
Tenants will be able to:
See all Contracts and Documents that you've shared with them
See summary of Tenancy details, including statements, next payments, key end dates etc...
Raise an issue with the Landlord who can then prioritise across a portfolio
Chat through an Issue to resolution and sign off the work when completed

Investment Returns

Unsure of a potential prospect return? Use the investment returns calculator to model expected returns
Use the Rent Chief Investment Calculators to assist your prospect purchases.
Yields calculated based on a set of assumptions automatically set to give a quick and true indication of expected yields
Model the assumptions to your exact requirements for a detailed assessment

HMO Support with multiple rentable rooms

Renting properties out to multiple tenants, no problem we have you covered. Our intelligent room setup wizard automatically sets up rooms dependant on your property type allowing you to easily link tenants to rooms. We give you superpowers to easily monitor utilisation and profitability by room. Sit back and enjoy
Tenants, documents, and transactions can all now be recorded against these individual rooms.

Enable chat and communication between roommates and ensure everyone is up to date on your property and any maintenance issues.

Share documents with all your tenants with a single upload to your property.

Monitor room utilisation and profitability.

Issue and Maintenance Management

You want to make sure your properties are well maintained and looked after as much as your tenants do.
Provide Tenants with the ability to raise issues with the property

Assign, track and prioritise issues across the portfolio

Never miss a trick with chat function to keep all parties up to date of progress

Add images or upload documents to provide more detailed information to aid resolution

Tenant, Trade and Landlord access to a single issue/chat

Add multiple images to properties and individual rooms

Easily add photos of your property for advertising purposes

Automatic import of Google street view image of your property

Take photos of individual rooms

Share photos with tenants


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