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Financial Services

With a background of building a leading financial software player, our team are well placed to help you engage more with property investors. Our platform helps landlords optimise new property investments and efficiently manage existing portfolios. Our unique approach involves utilising a range of public property data sets to reduce data entry and generate insights for our users.  Our tools can be white labelled in order to help you generate leads, gain customer insight and easily generate cross sale revenue.

  • Attract more property investors to your business

  • Help your customers evaluate new property investments

  • Give something back to your clients that helps them manage their property investments

  • Give you a more holistic view of your client’s property portfolio in order to serve them better

  • Provide your customers with tools that can help reduce regulation risk.

Add our Engaging Investor Research Tools to your website

A range of powerful tools previously only available to corporate landlords to enable investors to analyse the ROI on new property investments. Enabling sophisticated analysis of a property investment taking into account purchase costs, loan costs and operating costs. We make sensible assumptions so an investor and show charts that get across the equity and cashflow position easily. It also caters for multiple investor strategies including straight Buy To Lets (BTL), Buy Renovate Rent (BRR’s) or Buy Renovate Sell (Flips).

  • Add our clever tools to your website to give them extra value, encourage stickiness and improve propensity to do business with you.

  • Gain insight into the research that your visitors are carrying out to help ensure you’re offering the right set of products to service them.

  • The tools can be used by financial advisers / mortgage brokers in discussion with your customers to enable you to provide increased value by helping customers evaluate an investment more analytically. 

  • Grow your business using innovative leading tools.

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Implement your own White labelled version of the platform

We’ve built some great tools for landlords to help them make more money, save time and remain compliant. We can offer white labelled versions of Rent Chief enabling you to provide all the benefits of the Rent Chief Platform with your branding and preferences.

  • Help tie a landlord more closely to your business

  • Give you an up-to-date view on the landlord's property portfolio and financial position

  • Strengthen your website by offering tools that encourage client retention

  • Help your customers / prospects to remain compliant

Be a part of our marketplace. The one stop show for all landlord services

A single location for you to showcase your products and services and enable the large landlord user base simply click 'Quote' or 'Book'. We will be offering services for the following financial areas:

  • Mortgages

  • Landlord and Building Insurance

  • Conveyancing

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance

  • Accounts and Tax Service

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