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Engaging tools to research property investment
A range of powerful tools previously only available to corporate landlords to enable investors to compare and analyse new property investments that improve long term profitability.
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Research Areas
Enter a postcode and get useful info that will help ensure you’re buying at the right price.
Deal Calculator
Unique deal calculator to evaluate and optimise new property investments. Generates annual ROI figures that you can easily compare.
Multiple Investor Strategies
The tools cater for multiple investor strategies – BTL, Buy Renovate Rent, Flips.
Cashflow Analysis
Detailed analysis of cashflow with graphical representation of equity, revised LTV and when in profit.
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Key benefits to property investors
  • Make more profitable property investments by taking into account all the key factors that affect the profitability of your investment.

  • Model downside scenarios – interest rates go up / higher voids / lower rent / higher operating costs etc.

  • Easy to use, simply enter the postcode and purchase price and the analysis is all done for them

  • The tools make sensible assumptions on purchase and ongoing costs which can be adjusted to match the precise circumstances.

  • Research the local area with past sale prices presented graphically so you can easily see market trends

Research an area

Easily calculate profitability of a new deal using our deal calculator. Simply enter a purchase price and target rent to get started.

Use our area research tool to see price trends in your area and select a specific property to analyse with the deal calculator. Simply enter postcode and go...

Calculate your investment returns
Research Tools
Use the Deal Calculator to calculate profitability of new investments

Simply enter the purchase price and expected rental income and the calculator will do the rest. A series of assumptions are automatically used to give an accurate indication of the yields and expected profits taking into account purchase costs, loan costs and running costs of the rental over the term. Charts bring the figures to life to show the change in equity / LTV / value over the period of the investment along with profit.

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Research Tools More Details
Covers multiple investor strategies

The deal calculator as well as helping with straight Buy To Lets (BTL) it also helps you with analysing profitability of a range of other property investment strategies including Buy Renovate Rent (BRR’s) or Buy Renovate Sell (Flips). Simple enter the expected renovation costs, the duration of the renovation and the value after the renovation and the model takes into account the profitability over the term of the investment.

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Research the local area

Use our area research tool to see price trends in your area and select a specific property to analyse with the deal calculator. Simply enter postcode and go...

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Save and compare your prospects

Use the power of the full tools to save and compare multiple prospects.

Manage the purchases

Use our wider tools to manage your property once acquired to make sure you generate superior returns on your property.

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