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Investor Research Tools

Engaging research tools to research property investment

Our research tools enable investors to simply select an address and get accurate investment return figures that take into account buying costs, loan costs, operational costs and includes future growth assumptions. We make sensible assumptions that can be easily adjusted by the investor. We also show price history of the property, price trends and analysis on the region with simple, graphical and clear information.

Our tools can be used by lenders and other financial services to help attract new customers, encourage repeat business and improve end customer insight.

We are low cost and the tools can be easily implemented on multiple brand websites.

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Key benefits of providing these in tools in your website
  • Provide our investor tools to your existing customers to give them extra value, to enable them to make better investment decisions.

  • Get insight into prospective new purchases or indeed areas that are being researched.

  • Provide your tools to intermediaries to give them a value add to help talk through new investments with the landlord.

  • Add to your brand sites to help attract new business.

  • Collaborate with us on developing a slick lending portfolio quote and application tool. 

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Key benefits to the property investors
  • Easy to use, simply enter the postcode and purchase price and the analysis is all done for them

  • Calculates different figures for yields, ROI, and profitability over defined periods

  • The tools make sensible assumptions on purchase and ongoing costs which can be adjusted to match the precise circumstances.

  • Research the local area with past sale prices presented graphically so you can easily see market trends

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Calculate the profitability of the prospect purchase

Simply enter the purchase price and expected rental income and the calculator will do the rest. A series of assumptions are automatically used to give an accurate indication of the yields and expected profits based upon the investment term.

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lender calculator purchase operating costs v2.png
Research the local area

See properties for sale or rent nearby to assist with price comparison. Research local amenities and services. Access key council information for landlords, council tax and any licence requirements

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See a graphical breakdown of price growth and average prices
  • Price growth over the past 5 years

  • Average house prices by property type

  • Property type split

  • Freehold/Leasehold split

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Land Registry and Google integration

See a breakdown of sold prices of nearby properties


Google and Street view automatically displayed providing local visibility

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