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Work smarter with the new team functionality

Business Team

Reduce all your channels of communication and work as a team in a single platform

The Teams functionality opens up a new user experience for you on the platform and enables you to work in collaboration with your team. Whether they are internal or external you can now invite them to platform where you can share information and manage tasks together.

What can I do?

  • Invite staff / co-owners / partners to collaborate on new prospective investments or managing existing investments

  • Invite a PA to handle data entry / day to day running of your property business

  • Invite trade to streamline dealing with maintenance issues

  • Invite health & safety / inspection consultants to carry out check in / out / regular inspections for your properties

  • Work together on properties with a clear audit of everything that your team are doing

  • Revoke access at any point in the future

How does it work?

Step 1 Access the team screen which is available under your settings menu

team step 1.fw.png

Step 2 Click or tap add team member

team step 2 add team member.fw.png

Step 3 Confirm or enter the user details. The email address will be their username

team step 3 add team member page.fw.png

Step 4 Confirm their user role and access level. This will determine what data they can see. Use the help to guide you on this to make sure you are happy.

team step 4 add team member role.fw.png

Step 5 Hit the invite button. Your invite is on its way and your team member will receive an email explaining what to do. That simple!

team step 5 add team member send invite.

How do I know if some has accepted and how do I disable access if need to in the future?

You're in complete control of your invited users. You can remove from your team or disable their access whenever you need. Change you're mind and you re enable them from the team member action menu

disable team member.fw.png
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