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Get started with our free lite version today, no commitment.

Free for life for managing up to 5 properties.  'Pro' version can be trialled for 1 month

  • Ideal for landlords with smaller portfolios

  • Document and image storage

  • Tenant management with their own portal

  • Communication through WhatsApp style chat


£15 / month
Paid monthly

£12 per month (if paid annually in advance)

  • Ideal for large users with multiple properties to manage

  • Supports HMO and commercial with room and office lets

  • Data import and export functions

  • Increased storage



We specialize in corporate implementations.

  • Technical analysis to meet your requirements

  • Integration experts

  • Data interrogation and reporting

  • Ongoing support and advice



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Frequently asked questions

What is Rent Chief?

  • Rent Chief is the first end-to-end platform that helps landlords optimise new property investments and efficiently manage existing ones.

  • Rent Chief brings order and simplicity to being a landlord.

  • Our Research Tools help landlords compare and analyse new property investments improving their long term profits.

  • Our Property Management functions helps keep track of all property, tenants, financial and compliance info in a structured easy way.

  • Our Marketplace will be the one stop shop for a range of 3rd party products and services.

  • Combined our solutions save landlords time and money

  • Sign up for your free account today to explore all that the platform has to offer.

What can I do using the platform?

Landlords can:

Tenants can:
  • View a summary of their tenancy
  • access property documents and manuals
  • Record meter readings
  • Raise issues with the property
Trades person can:

Where can I access the platform?

The platform is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere you have a connection. It is designed to be responsive so can be used via any mobile, tablet or laptop. We are accessible via most modern browsers including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
Note Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Do we provide a free trial?

We provide a free version for life for anyone to use with up to 5 properties. We also provide a “Pro” version that you can trial for 1 month.

Is it easy to set up?

Simple answer is yes You already have busy lives, juggling many different life commitments so we’ve designed the system to be really easy and quick to setup. It typically takes less than 5 minutes to create your account, add your first property and invite your tenants. Then you’re rolling.

What do we know about the property business?

Our founders have been property investors for many years, we know the challenges that you face from personal experience. We have also built and sold a software business before that helped mortgage brokers provide the best mortgage deals to enable people to buy their dreams homes whether for investment or to live.