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Simplify your landlord experience with our intelligent cloud software

As a landlord, you put a lot of effort into growing & managing your property investments. Can we help add more value or save you time whilst carrying this out?

  • Save you time managing the tenant journey from start to end?

  • Respond more effectively to issues relating to tenants

  • Stay on the right side of the law and within the 174 pieces of legislation

  • Have full visibility of each investment, from tenant to turnover, returns to receipts

Efficient communication

Good communication is key to managing properties and tenants.
On average it takes 8 calls to arrange one call out, what a waste of your time! Our tools help you streamline communication.
  • Transparent communication between all parties via a simple chat function
  • Easily add and invite other people to the platform
  • Raise and solve issues with everyone in the loop
  • Photo, video and emoji supported reporting for tenants
  • Multiple chats with multi parties all linked to the property, room and issue.
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Smart Rental Management

When managing property, mistakes can be very costly. We helps with reminders to alert you to key dates for each property
  • Regulation reminders for EPC, Gas, Electrical and HMO Licence
  • Book in experts to perform relevant checks
  • Tenancy expiry reminders and rent review time frames
  • Reminders for mortgage expiry and insurance renewals 
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One place for all your property info

We know there is a lot of documentation when renting properties and keeping it all together can be painful
  • No more filing documents, just scan, link and forget it
  • Categorised and automatically linked to property, unit and tenant
  • Share easily with tenants via our Tenant Portal
  • Contracts, Receipts, Certificates, Inventories, Photos etc...
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Landlord financials.fw.png

Your Financial Accounts

Improve your cash flow and profitability
  • Easily track and chase unpaid rent
  • Track expense records and manage suppliers
  • P&L info across portfolio or by property
  • Generate tax return info
  • Export data to excel or PDF
  • Banking Integration 
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HMO Support with multiple rentable rooms

Renting properties out to multiple tenants, no problem we have you covered. Our intelligent room setup wizard automatically sets up rooms dependant on your property type allowing you to easily link tenants to rooms. We give you superpowers to easily monitor utilisation and profitability by room. Sit back and enjoy
  • Tenants, documents, and transactions can all now be recorded against these individual rooms.
  • Enable chat and communication between roommates and ensure everyone is up to date on your property and any maintenance issues.
  • Share documents with all your tenants with a single upload to your property.
  • Monitor room utilisation and profitability
property configuration
Rooms and Units
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Issue and Maintenance Management

Ensure your properties are well looked after using our tools to manage issues / trades and resolutions.
  • Provide tenants with the ability to raise issues with the property
  • Assign, track and prioritise issues across the portfolio
  • Never miss a trick with chat function to keep all parties up to date of progress
  • Add images or upload documents to provide more detailed information to aid resolution
  • Tenant, Trade and Landlord access to a single issue/chat

Tenant Portal

Give access to your tenants. Share key documents and tenancy info, chat with them and keep them up to date with property related information
Tenants will be able to:
  • See summary of tenancy details and key end dates etc... 
  • See all Contracts and Documents that you’ve shared with them
  • Raise an issue regarding the property.
  • Chat through an Issue to resolution and sign off the work when completed
  • See financial statements
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Landlord returns.fw.png

Investor Tools

Make sure your new property investment stacks up using our investor tools ROI calculator
  • Easy, just enter purchase price and rental income and using our quick assumptions we generate ROI’s 
  • Model the assumptions to your exact requirements for a detailed assessment.
  • Considers buying costs, refurbishment work and ongoing costs to the property.
  • Model impact of property value and rental income rise over time
  • See nearby properties prices
  • Get indicative rent and property valuation 

Automated Valuation and Land Registry Data

  • Receive automated price or rental valuations based upon the property composition and condition
  • Valuation history kept along with key indicators like price per square foot
  • Land Registry data provides historic sales information for the property and nearby sold prices
  • Research properties nearby for sale and for rent

Add multiple images to properties and individual rooms

  • Easily add photos of your property for advertising purposes
  • Automatic import of Google street view image of your property
  • Take photos of individual rooms
  • Share photos with tenants

Market Place

coming soon.png
  • One stop shop for landlord services from finance to compliance to fixing a leak
  • Instant access to book property related services direct from the platform
  • Get the best rates and great deals with our marketplace.
  • Many services including property certificates, insurance and financial advisory partners 
  • Auto generation of invoice transactions
  • Trigger points throughout the Landlord journey, such as book EPC certificate, should I remortgage etc
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