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March 2021 product updates

Our latest release brings some great new functionality to help you carry out property inspections and keep track and maintain assets at your properties.

Asset Mangemen

Asset Management – Easily manage all property assets ensuring they are tracked and maintained regularly.

Whether residential or commercial its important to keep a track of all the assets in a property. Use the platform to record all the detailed asset information such as service requirements, condition and value of assets.

  • Record detailed info of all assets in the property including condition, financial, energy and servicing related.

  • Allocate assets to rooms or indeed groups e.g HVAC system.

  • Store photos, manuals, servicing requirements and fault finding recommendations

  • Set up regular maintenance, servicing and warranty reminder dates.

  • Raise issues for assets where maintenance is required and assign to tradespersons

asset detail macbook.png
asset add.png
asset add detail.png

Inspections - Save and schedule inspections, upload images, raise issues and attach files

After the massive impact of coronavirus we have to think more and more about how to use technology to enable remote visits and working. Our newly released inspections application enables just that from residential move in/out checks to full blown commercial checks for health & safety and regulation.

  • Create inspections for all aspects of property management for both commercial and residential properties

  • Schedule inspections for specific dates

  • Assign inspections to contacts or tenants

  • Upload images and documents to inspections

  • Create issues which need to be resolved as a result of an inspection

Inspections mobile 2.png
Inspections mobile.png

Checklist - Conduct routine or health & safety checks on residential and commercial properties

When an inspection has been created you or the assigned inspector whether tenant or 3rd party will be able to conduct the inspection using the simple step by step inspection template. No more paper checklists which need to be uploaded, automatically store the check against the property and share with tenants.

  • Multiple templates available for conducting a wide variety of checks including:

    • Routine Landlord inspections

    • Move In/Move out

    • Health & Safety

    • Fire Risk

    • Coronavirus return to office checks

  • Record the condition of each room and assets and add notes

  • Raise an issue automatically to your trade where maintenance or repair is required

  • Upload videos and images of the check

  • Save the check against the property and schedule the next check

MacBookPro Inspections.png
covid office.png
fire safety.png
MacBookPro documents.png

Document, Image and File storage enhancements

  • Document list > Improved document management features to help you organise your documents. With new features to enable grouping, export, multi delete and enhanced search/sort features

  • Document upload > New rapid doc upload component with progress indicator and preview functions

  • Image upload > Enhancements to enable rapid one click upload

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